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Winston Teddy Bear – Intelligent Toys for Children

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Artificial Intelligence Toys - AI Toys - Source: ToyTalk

Artificial Intelligence Toys – AI Toys – Source: ToyTalk

The biggest change in the history of toys is right around the corner. Just in time for Christmas of 2013, your children may have something new and a bit futuristic on their Christmas wish list – Artificial Intelligence Toys.

The ToyTalk toy company plans on releasing an artificial intelligence teddy bear named Winston, the very first of it’s kind. While many details regarding the bear and how the product will work have not yet been released, it appears that children can actually communicate with their teddy bear friend and have actual conversations with him. Over the next few years, we can expect to see artificial intelligence toys skyrocket in popularity, as it gives children a brand new friend to cuddle and love.

Children across the globe have been awaiting the day when AI toys are released. Because of the popularity of the item already, ToyTalk has seen a number of investors, partners and contributions come their way in anticipation of adding the teddy bear to the Christmas Toys 2013 hot buys list. Perhaps 2013 is the year of futuristic toys.

Imagine being able to communicate with a teddy bear or other type of stuffed animal in a whole new way. While kids may talk to their teddy bears now, they don’t receive answers back. Through this artificial intelligence toy, kids can bring their furry friend Winston with them wherever they go and chat with them about the day right from their tablet. That’s right, the teddy bear itself does not seem to communicate directly with the child, but rather through a tablet device such as the iPad. Upon opening the application, kids can speak to the bear and hear him talk back from the tablet’s speakers. This breakthrough toy could be the answer to every child’s dream. In the future, we may even see artificial intelligence toys used as a means of assisting with speech difficulties and even in classroom environments.

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